Isometric Rendered High resolution Graphics for all the Soma World

Character Cycle of Life : your character lives into a world with day & night cycles, he will grown up and depending on your decision he will develop up to 11 different skills divided into combat skill and Crafting skill

Choose to become a brave Warrior or a Mystic Wizard or a respected and trusted "master of hammer", crafting Unique valuable tools, weapons, armors and much more.

A Social and Economical System with price variations, stocked items, trades, even auctions!

The Deepest Guild System ever seen in a MMORPG: with guild rules, guild villages*, guild shops*, guild events*.

Complete customization of your character outfit : choose between many different combinations of armors, weapons and why not create your own blade!

Continuous updating : Soma Team will constantly add new maps, monsters, items, quests to guarantee an always new gaming experience

*those functions are coming within the next update

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