here was a time when Human, Heaven and Monster worlds co-existed peacefully. This peace was broken when the Monster world leader, Macheonru, tried to conquer the other two, starting "the Great War", a global conflict between the worlds. Just as the Monster-world was on the verge of victory, the glorious Hero Pacheon King was able to turn the battle's outcome and eventually led the Heaven-world to the final victory.

fter the end of this cruel war, Pacheon King shattered the powerful sword that allowed him to defeat the Monster-world into four pieces. Each piece was sent as far away as possible from the other. Only the Lion Sword piece was kept in the Heaven-world... more >>

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Game Features
· Isometric Rendered High resolution Graphics for all the Soma World
· "Character Cycle of Life" : your character lives into a world whit day & night cycles, he will grown up and depending on your decision he will develop up to 11 different skills divided into combat skill and Crafting skill
· Choose to become a brave Warrior or a Mystic Wizard or a respected and trusted "master of hammer", crafting Unique valuable tools, weapons, armors and much more.
· A Social and Economical System whit price variations, stocked items, trades, even auctions!

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Current Client Version: 2.25 and Updates

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A New Beginning

unRealSoma is the revival of the all time classic game, with its great core gaming style we are offering players a chance to relive old memories aswell as play along side others in brand new content.

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